Why Social Media Advertising is Necessary for your Business

Everyone is on social media, even my Granny.


If that statement alone doesn't have you convinced, then you should probably read on. In 2021, if you are not advertising on social media you are missing out.

Of course you can post to you Instagram and Facebook for free, but not everyone will see it. While you think all of your followers see what you post, they don't. Facebook is a money driven platform, they will always push paid media in their users' face before they show what you posted organically. However, social media advertising is a relatively cheap method to promote your brand/business, especially if you are comparing cost to traditional advertising methods. You can also control who sees your ads, make on the spot optimizations, and visualize realtime data.


A couple of hundred dollars can go a long way. Depending on targeting and advertising goals, $100 for a month can earn you over 2K website visits on Facebook. Spending $100 on social media versus the thousands it would cost to have a billboard is a no brainer. A billboard would never have the potential to reach the amount of people a social media ad could.


Could you imagine if you could determine who should see your ad prior to it going live? Well, with social media advertising you can do just that! You can target users by age, gender, interests and characteristics. If you own a boutique that sells clothing meant for business women, you probably wouldn't want to target retired women or men who work in construction. With strategic targeting, you would have the ability to reach women who would be interested in your boutique.

Optimizations & Data

When advertising on social media, data can be seen in real time. You would not have to wait until the campaign is over. Since data can been seen on the spot, optimizations can be made at any time throughout the course of your social media campaign. Say you are noticing that you aren't reaching the amount of impressions you were hoping to, targeting can be refined to provide the potential to reach more people. Optimizations that are possible during a campaign's cycle include copy changes, image changes, targeting edits, adding additional budget, creating a secondary ad to run in tandem with the already running ad and more.

Social media advertising is optimal for business success. It is one of the most modern ways to advertise and can provide a huge reach. If you are toying with the thought of running social media ads, please don't do it alone. MegaImpact can help with strategizing a social media plan, organic, paid or both!

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